Administration of Jamia Baqir is appealing to momneen that they help us to fulfill this great plane to donate Jamia Baqir the Account number is 20311-156599 Habbib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Lahore branch associated house 7 egerton road Lahore, Pakistan. (Branch Code 002. This great project is in process. Be a part of this holly work and donate what you can. We accept any thing and every thing for this project.
So we ask all momneen to share some of your wealth to benefit your future. We also need a shiya graveyard here in this area. This area dose not contain shiya graveyard and according to our necessity we highly need a shiya graveyard. We have seen the land for this noble purpose and recently needed 60 lac. Per acre. We need 14 acre land for the graveyard. The total amount of the 15 acre graveyard is 150 million. We hope you will participate in this noble cause.
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