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Welcome to the world of Baqir ul Uloom. Every citizen of Lahore, who has religious sense, knows that the formatio of Masjid and Imambargah Hussania was put in action before the attainment of Pakistan. In which the splendor of Majlis and processions was spectacular. The leveled scholars and several debaters had got the felicity to relate Muhammad and Al-e-Muhammad (A.S). This Imambargah was considered as the back bone of the southern Lahore. Masjid and Imam bargah was used to fill with devotees. The devotees of Hussanaiyat used to spread the echoes of Hussain Hussain (A.S) with their tongue, heart, hands.In tumults the Masjid and Imam bargah Hussania which was endowed by late Syed Nasir Shah was fired up. Masjid desolated. Azan ceased. But the succession of Azadari was put forward which is a proof of the courage of the acquaintances. May Allah and Masomeen (A.S) compensate them who pave the way to mission of Hussain (A.S).

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